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I Like DJing *
I Like Music **
I Love Music ***
I Love Dancing ****
I Love seeing people loving dancing to music when I DJ *****

I got into pop R'n'B, Rock 'n'Roll and Eurodance when I was under 10,


In my early teens I got InTo~onto/moved by the sounds of metal, rock, 'world' music (non-western pop) - accapellas, chants, native sounds, blues, ragas, reggae, rap, bollywood..

Later Psytrance, techno, trance, house, folk, ska..

In my 20s Its been more house, crazy mix mash ups- revisitng old songs with new ears. Studying a Music HE qualification with a strong ethnomusicology emphasis fed me well, and now the genres merge and I
.. Feel into the Sounds..
..My mind is not present so much..
Its a body, heart soul thang - what is uplifting, powerful, strong, true, ReSoNanT??
This guides my sound-collaging selection now.


Whata Gwan..

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